Day 3: ChatGPT

tags:: post
series:: advent-of-writing-2022
date:: Dec 3rd, 2022

This is part of a series where I post every day for 24 days. See Advent of Writing: 24 days of posts.

On the 3rd day, I bought a Christmas tree. It’s Saturday, which means I catch up on family stuff. Today that means going all out on Christmas.

That’s not what I want to write about though. (It’s also getting late, and I’ve found I write better in the morning, but you can’t win all of them.)

I can’t stop thinking about ChatGPT. I can’t believe how good it is at answering questions related to code, and even providing working code examples. Even if you ignore all the long-term implications of AI (radical shift in economy and jobs, etc) one thing is clear to me: it’s destroying the learning curve.

It can’t produce images or videos yet, so it can’t teach you how change the oil in your car. In my opinion, text descriptions of these kinds of things aren’t good enough. There’s a reason why youtube is such a powerful teaching tool.

However, coding only needs text. You can read about a concept, and then take a piece of code, run it, and play with it. ChatGPT today can do all of this.

I’ve had ideas for months that I never had time to play with. On Friday I got one of them working in 15 minutes with it; I didn’t have to spend hours refreshing my memory of Web Audio API.

Not to mention all the other cool things people are doing with it.

What will schools look like in 5 years?

Tomorrow I’m gonna record myself writing an app with ChatGPT.