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My name is James, and I work on the Firefox Developer Tools. I like to create things and write about technology.

Backend Apps with Webpack: Driving with Gulp (Part II)

March 19, 2015

In Part I of this series, we configured webpack for building backend apps. Now we will look at how to manage frontend and backend code at the same time, and integrating our system with nodemon to restart the server on changes.

Backend Apps with Webpack (Part I)

March 16, 2015

Webpack is an amazing tool. This is the first post in a series about how to use it for backend apps as well as frontend. Using the exact same build process for both is amazing.


March 11, 2015

I put a lot of pressure on myself to be productive. I love to both learn and obsess about interesting ideas, but also turn them into actual productive things in real life. It's exhausting sometimes. There usually isn't enough time to do both.

Radical Statements about the Mobile Web

February 20, 2015

I've been thinking a lot about what the web needs to compete with high-end native mobile apps. This is a list of bold statements that I think warrant discussion for getting the web to perform well on mobile.

First Impressions using React Native

February 06, 2015

React Native is a new way to build native apps, using all the same technology you learned with React.js. It's amazing. In this article I give a demo of my first app built with it and explain the experience.


  • LLJS fork of LLJS that compiles to asm.js
  • nunjucks powerful templating system for javascript
  • outlet simple Lisp languange that compiles to javascript
  • dcpu-lisp static Lisp that compiles to DCPU-16 assembly code
  • shade terrible WebGL graphics engine
  • octoshot multiplayer WebGL 3d first person shooter
  • css-animations.js easily use CSS3 keyframe animations from javascript
  • dom3d 3d objects with purely 2d CSS transforms