Advent of Writing: 24 days of posts

tags:: post
date:: Nov 30th, 2022

I’m doing an experiment this year. Advent of Code is a fun challenge that a lot of people do, but the last thing I want to do after a days work is more problem solving. Instead of giving up advent entirely, I’ve been thinking about what I actually want to do daily instead.

Every day I do a lot of research into things. It could be anything: dishwashers (we are renovating our kitchen), history of post and beam construction, how carburetors work, color theory, etc. Over the last year I’ve been keeping a daily journal to write my thoughts down and it’s been wonderful.

However, I’ve been failing at publicly writing over the last couple years. It’s a shame because there’s something magical about sharing information. It forces me to be more concrete and sparks discussion.

So, this year I’m doing an advent of writing. Here are the rules:

This will be fun. I hope it gets me back into the habit of writing. I suspect it’ll kickstart some work I’ve been meaning to do (like Actual) because I’ll have a public space to mark achievements.

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